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Best Free Web Page Speed Test Tools

Best Free Web Page Speed Test Tools

  • YijunMa
  • 2017-05-06
  • SEO

Website loading speed is one of the most critical element of building a successful website. It should always be a priority for web developers. A fast loading website has a direct impact on the overall performance of a website. Faster loading websites benefit from better user experience, higher conversion rates and higher SEO rankings.

Based on usability, accessibility and reporting, the following page speed testing tools are recommended.


Pingdom is a free testing tool which provides a wealth of information on your site’s speed performance. It allows you to choose several testing locations including USA, Sweden and Australia. It has some similar elements with Google PageSpeed Insights but more dedicated on web page speed. This is my personal preference for page speed test.


WebPagetest is a free web page performance testing tool. It provides waterfall interactive chart for you to review your site's performance. The best part of is that it offers you multiple location options and a few mobile device options. Also it offers various formats of output data including csv, xml and har, so it is much easier for developers who would like to store and further process data.


Google PageSpeed Insights


Google PageSpeed Insights is a free tool for testing your site's performance on desktop and mobile device. It also has free API. Google PageSpeed Insights should be the most official one and the most authentic one. However, it turns out to be very controversial because it doesn't grade your site based on page speed. Instead, it is trying to force developers to build web page in Google prefered way, i.e. post load or async load styles and scripts, minify all resources. It's nice to have but it is totally up to you if you would follow the rule.

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